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  • Le SEO Hero peut être romantique
  • Il est possible d'être romantique pour un robot, grâce à une IA très développée, mais aussi très choyée, mais pour être un SEO Hero, il faut avoir un bon niveau, au moins deux derground !
  • Sentimancho romantique
  • Un sentimancho peut-il être romantique? Ou surtout, peut-il ne pas l'être?
  • concours barcamp black hat
  • Ce matin j'ai Tweeté un petit concours de dernière minute concernant le Barcamp Black Hat de ce week-end mais en 140 caractères c'est pas simple de bien expliquer comment jouer et qui peut jouer !
  • Barcamp Black Hat
  • Nous l'attendions tous, et bien voilà la date du Barcamp Black Hat 2012 à été annoncée et il semblerait que cette année il y ait également des Black Hat Girls qui aient reçues l'invitation. On recconnait facilement la Black Hat Girl à son chapeau noir et sa tennue qui transforme un Panda en Pingouin aux yeux de Google !
  • Pandaranol
  • Un concours organisé par un être qui aurait été digne de participé au concours chocoku, un rose dans sa tête, même s'il peut paraitre parfois étrange, bref, un concours qui respire le fun et la bonne humeur.

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  • Expected rains could hinder search for California wildfire victims
  • Expected rains could hinder search for California wildfire victimsRemains of 79 victims have been recovered since the Camp Fire erupted on Nov. 8 and largely obliterated the Sierra foothills town of Paradise, a community of nearly 27,000 people about 175 miles (280 km) north of San Francisco. The missing persons list kept by the Butte County Sheriff's Office still has 993 names on it. As of Monday, the fire has torched more than 151,000 acres (61,100 hectares) of parched scrub and trees, incinerating about 12,000 homes along the way, Cal Fire said.

  • Some California wildfire victims may never be found: searcher
  • Some California wildfire victims may never be found: searcher(Editor's Note: Please be advised this story contains details that may upset some readers) By Andrew Hay (Reuters) - Searchers looking for the remains of victims of the wildfire that destroyed the Northern California town of Paradise said some bodies may never be found because of the intensity of the blaze. "We have been told we're to look as hard as we can, but it's still possible we may not be able to find something left of someone," said Trish Moutard, a volunteer with the California Rescue Dog Association, who may undertake a second deployment to Paradise on Tuesday with her dog IC. "If the fire stayed long enough and burned hot enough, the bones could, at a minimum, be fragmented down to such a small amount that we couldn't see them, and it's possible that even the dogs might not be able to detect them." Authorities have been urging residents to look at the missing persons list so they can remove people now known to be safe or whose names are duplicated, said Miranda Bowersox, a spokeswoman for the Butte County Sheriff's Office.

  • EPA plans biofuel 'reset' as program misses Congress' targets
  • EPA plans biofuel 'reset' as program misses Congress' targetsThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose new targets for the final three years of the nation's renewable fuel program in January, replacing ambitious decade-old goals set by Congress with volumes closer to the industry's current output, two people familiar with the matter said. The planned reset of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard is likely to set up a fresh battle between two industries, with corn growers wanting the highest possible targets to spur investment, and oil companies eyeing the smallest to reduce costs. Oil companies say the policy costs them a fortune.

  • Fatal New York limo crash victim's family sues owner, operator
  • Fatal New York limo crash victim's family sues owner, operatorTen John Doe defendants representing additional parties whose acts contributed to the woman's injuries and death were also named in the lawsuit filed in New York state supreme court. Amanda Rivenburg was among 20 people killed in the Oct. 6 crash. The Ford Excursion limousine carrying 17 people to a birthday party ran a stop sign at a highway intersection in Schoharie, about 40 miles (65 km) west of Albany, officials said.

  • House Democrats target DOJ decision not to defend Obamacare
  • House Democrats target DOJ decision not to defend ObamacareDemocrats will scrutinize the Trump administration's decision not to defend Obamacare in federal court, when Democrats take control of the U.S. House of Representatives next year, a leading Democrat said on Monday. In June, the Department of Justice declared the healthcare law's individual mandate unconstitutional in federal court, which threatened to undermine insurance protections for people with preexisting conditions, and helped make healthcare a winning issue for Democrats in House elections on Nov. 6.

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  • Se préparer à être un SEO Hero
  • Lucie sait y faire, on le sait depuis bien longtemps, bien mieux qu'Aphrodite, Damona ou encore Isis, mais ces déesses feront largement l'affaire pour un SEO Hero.
  • Lucie a toujours eu le sentimancho
  • Ceux qui connaissent Lucie ne s'étonneront pas qu'elle possède des sentiments chauds, en particulier avec les SEO rigolos et Rome antique comme à Toulouse.
  • soirée du 35 octobre 2011
  • Soriée SEOsphère le 35 octobre 2011, viendez nombreux et surtout nombreuses !!! Et surtout soyez SEO Romantique...
  • Pandaranol
  • Qu'est ce que le Pandaranol ? Ce n'est pas un médicament, mais un truc fun qui ne plairait pas à tout le monde.
  • anniversaire seosphère
  • Encore un anniversaire mais ce coup ci ce sont les 5 ans de SEOsphère qui ont été fêtés le samedi 11 décembre 2010 dans une salle en plein Paris

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