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Busby Seo Challenge

MessagePosté: 23 Juin 2008, 21:58
par Gnome
It is a new competition of proC proposed by the Australian, the Busby Seo Challenge!
That's it, it is made: there is of everywhere:

Busby Seo Challenge of the gnome, the Busby Seo Challenge of Gnomecorp (in french).
Busby Seo Challenge, the sphere Team.
This last one is a team of French and French which likes the seo contest and thus who likes the Busby Seo Challenge.

MessagePosté: 24 Juin 2008, 09:25
par Gnome
Wikimédia France is an association grouping including users of Wikipédia and the other associated projects.
For Busby Seo Challenge , you can inquire on Busby Seo Challenge.
This seo challenge is a war on Google. :icon_clap

MessagePosté: 24 Juin 2008, 20:21
par ced

MessagePosté: 24 Juin 2008, 22:04
par Gnome
Yes, but it was not the good language!
This detail is very important, the pink forum owes be present. (Wii, enfin... non, sauf que Wii,, il le doigt (oui mais just'un alors)!). :icon_police

MessagePosté: 25 Juin 2008, 11:08
par tictact
God save our gracious busby seo challenge
Long live our noble busby seo challenge
God save the busby seo challenge!
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the busby seo challenge !

MessagePosté: 25 Juin 2008, 15:18
par Gnome
Naughty frog, you use the chocokuland without helping it!

You use my name without me to linker!

Go Pink Busby Seo Challenge. :icon_cucu

MessagePosté: 26 Juin 2008, 21:59
par Gnome
Gnome a écrit:Yes, but it was not the good language!

It's very important!

Go post avec UDLPELM my busby seo challenge friends.

MessagePosté: 27 Juin 2008, 08:48
par Gnome
It's not just, I'm not the first. :(

The must pire is that the land was not on Google (ahaha, the frenchy speacking was the best! :icon_mortderire).

MessagePosté: 27 Juin 2008, 20:44
par Gnome

MessagePosté: 28 Juin 2008, 09:17
par Gnome
I am sad, my Busby Seo Challenge crashes down. I am even more sad, chocokuland is not present. We represent nothing. That are we on Internet, if we are not on Busby Seo Challenge . Or below Busby Seo Challenge.

Really I say it to you, we owe (but just one) and it is all.

MessagePosté: 28 Juin 2008, 10:13
par seb
Oh my god! You want spam the busby seo challenge ? :o

MessagePosté: 28 Juin 2008, 11:49
par Gnome
I can?

MessagePosté: 28 Juin 2008, 16:46
par seb
I don't know, here it's the temple of tarlouzery :lol:

MessagePosté: 28 Juin 2008, 22:25
par Fahrenheit
Don't speak
just spamm


no busby seo challenge yes

MessagePosté: 29 Juin 2008, 20:22
par ced
La reine est revenue...

MessagePosté: 01 Juil 2008, 10:05
par Gnome
You must speack english pink rabbit.

It's very important for the Busby Seo Challenge!

MessagePosté: 01 Juil 2008, 11:07
par ced
o sorry, i beg your pardon, dirty dwarf...
The queen is back !

MessagePosté: 02 Juil 2008, 15:27
par Gnome
Where sums we? Why to be absent?

I would like answers, the absense of Google weigh myself, especially here.

The disfavour of the pink hat is unbearable.

MessagePosté: 02 Juil 2008, 15:31
par Crazy
Gode (dildo?) save the queen by the ass.