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Where is your happiness

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Where is your happiness

Messagepar dreambody » 15 Juin 2012, 03:51

Like it or, but a sedentary lifestyle at office seems to be the professional fate for most of us. However, sitting in a similar posture for hours over several days can actually kill you slowly but steadily. According to studies, a deskbound job dramatically increases you chances of becoming obese which you may not notice initially. You can’t change your job but you can definitely inculcate some botanical slimming to lower the risk of fat accumulation while at office.

Never skip slim forte . Avoid microwave shortcuts; instead prepare meizitang which would provide you with enough energy to last the day. Carry 1 day diet like a bowl of super slim pomegranat , energy bars, a fistful of nuts or to office. Always keep a bottle of water nearby; pai you guo[/url] not only reduces the tendency to snack, but water flushes out toxins from your body making you leaner and healthier.

Carry your p57 whenever possible. At the office cafeteria, have your coffee black with abc acai berr instead of the regular cream. With an elaborate breakfast already in your system, you may not need a heavy meal. So prepare something which is light and simple like lean meat sandwiches or salads without dressing. If you are on a diet and having meizi evolution , carry your special lunch to office so that you don’t succumb to the temptations of cafeteria food.

Grab every opportunity of taking a walk. If you need to send papers or retrieve documents from somewhere else, get up and do it yourself without depending on somebody else. Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park you car a little distance from your office block so that you have to walk to your office. Go out for lunch to some nearby place which serves healthy food. Not only will you eatslim xtreme gold but that walk too; is good for your fitness. Take a walk while a program is loading on your computer. Check out various sites on the internet which show you how to do exercises while working at your desk using office equipments like your chair.
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Petit Chocoku
Petit Chocoku
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17 Mai 2012, 04:05

Re: Where is your happiness

Messagepar xavfun » 16 Juin 2012, 12:37

Hello Darling

J'ai édité tes liens car tu n'avais pas (de bras, pas de chocokine) de GROS yeux (private joke), j'ai juste laissé le texte :icon_clap
Just a finger in the noise (Wii, enfin... non, sauf que Wii, ailleurs)
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